Technical Services

White Feather powers digital transformation of our customers through services designed to reinvent your existing business process and add a new style of IT.

IT Infrastructure

The wheel of the digital age is information technology. The formation, transference and delivery of accurate and appropriate information at the most opportune moment is the most essential thread in this age.

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Accounting/ ERP Solution

Wfeather firmly advocates QuickBooks as the go-to software for Accountant and Financial Management.

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GIS & Geospatial Services

Whatever we have achieved through the time span of various civilizations is because of the terrain and atmosphere of this earth.

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Mobile Development & Software Development

We at Wfeather facilitates our clients by aiding them to stamp their authority in today’s age of digitization by making them achieve their business needs.

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Cloud Services

Cloud has emerged out to be one of the greatest innovations on the path of computer and networking. It has changed the way applications are designed, installed and tested.

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QMS Solution

Demand and supply is the basic requirement for doing business. A manufacturer produces goods for the traders to sell to the customers. Customers being the endpoint of this process are very vital to the whole system.

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Artificial Intelligence

The hunger of human curiosity is infinite. With the invention of technological advances and digital equipment the livelihood of modern age has jet passed all its preceding times. The choice of artificial…

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Oil & Gas Solution

Natural oil & gas is the most essential fuel available to us. The whole civilization is running on the conventional sources of energy. The sector is however running on a meter on the verge of depletion.

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Other Services We Provide